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Remembering in 2014

The year 2014 began with the promise of much remembering.

One hundred years since the outbreak of the Great War; 70 years since D-day in the Second World War. Princess Anne would re-dedicate Canada’s national war memorial in Ottawa, 75 years after her grandfather, King George VI, first unveiled it in 1939.

There were countless observances, hours of historic newsreels on television; families and individuals taking a closer look at personal connections to those who struggled through wars both at the front, and on the home front.

Toronto District School Board buildings lowered flags to half mast to honour Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Corporal Nathan Cirillo killed on their home ground short weeks before Remembrance Day. Losses—fresh and old—brought sadness.

A local Royal Canadian Legion buzzed with activity as boxes of poppies were stacked and labelled for pickup by veterans, cadets, Silver Cross mothers, and others who work to keep memories alive.

“For King and Country” pledges to help the remembering.

Canadian flag at half mast in front of red brick school

Flag flies at half mast at Birch Cliff Heights School, November 2014. ©Toronto Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society

Paving stone shaped like a poppy and painted red beside a concrete bench decorated with poppies

Poppies for year-round remembrance—Royal Canadian Legion, Eighth Street, New Toronto. ©Toronto Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society

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