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Park Lots 9 & 10

Yonge Street to Chestnut Street & Surrey Place

Park Lot 9: Yonge Street to Bay Street. Allocated for an unnamed “Incumbent”, 4 September 1793. On 21 August 1797, a warrant was issued to James Macaulay, who received the patent 1 September 1797.

Park Lot 10: Bay Street to Chestnut Street. Granted to James Macaulay, 4 September 1793. The York Report recommended that Macaulay be switched to Park Lot 9. Park Lot 10 was granted to Deputy Surveyor General David William Smith 12 October 1796. Park Lot 10 was transferred to the Honourable John Elmsley and patented by him 6 March 1798.

James Macaulay and John Elmsley registered a Deed of Exchange in 1799 to divide the two properties into a north half and south half. Macaulay took the south and Elmsley, the north.