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The Mysterious Joseph Dainty

Not much is known about Joseph Dainty, but he petitioned twice for land from Lt.-Gov. Simcoe. On July 10, 1793, he requested a lot in the new town being developed at Toronto as well as a 200-acre farm close by, and this request was granted three days later. A month later,  he made a specific request for Township Lot 33, along with the property adjacent to it on the waterfront. The Lot was granted to him, but without the adjacent land.

Three years later, the York Report lists Joseph Dainty as deceased and, after some confusion regarding improvements to the property, the land was granted to David Shank in  March 1797.

Simcoe may have held Dainty in some esteem, approving both of these plum grants—or perhaps he was just in the right place at the right time. Our research in Crown Land records has turned up some intriguing details but leaves many questions unanswered.  What we know of Joseph Dainty is detailed here.

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