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Special Interest Groups

Many Toronto Branch members share some very specific research interests. We actively encourage the formation of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) within Toronto Branch and provide support to these informal groups wherever feasible. Participants run the SIGs, meeting as mutually agreed. Belonging to a SIG can help you tap into the experience of others and collaborate on research, forging friendships in the process.

Members: Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about an existing Special Interest Group or if you have an idea for a new one.

Current Toronto Branch SIGs:

  • Genetic Genealogy SIG facilitated by Elizabeth Kaegi
    SIG members are enhancing their knowledge of available DNA tests and research strategies. We study how to interpret and apply the data, learning from the experiences of each other with group participation from local experts to those starting the testing process.

The SIG has produced some Guidance Notes to assist Branch members who are considering DNA testing. Request Guidance Notes by email.

  • Huguenot Family History SIG facilitated by Nancy Conn
    SIG members are striving to uncover sources for Huguenot data, enjoying the sharing of the discoveries, whether such applies to France or the settlement of Huguenots in Holland, Germany, England, South Africa, the USA and Canada, anywhere the evidence leads.
  • Scottish SIG facilitated by Ann Rexe
    The Scottish SIG is comprised of members with a passion to explore Scottish family history. Many members have extensive experience with Scottish records, some gained in research travels to Scotland. We enjoy our member presentations, discussion and social interaction, learning from each other.
  • Northern England SIG facilitated by Geoffrey Allen
    This SIG started with a focus on greater Manchester but has expanded its mandate to cover all of northern England, better reflecting member interests. Members help each other in discovery of record sources and enjoy sharing social and family histories for this fascinating area.
  • Members Network facilitated by Heather Ioannou
    This group, formerly known as the New Members SIG, was created in early 2014 to introduce new members to each other and to provide opportunities for them to initiate activities that would enhance their membership experience. A number of initiatives were undertaken including introductions to key Branch members, presentations on key topics by Branch experts and the launch of a Mentorship Program. As time went on, the group starting to include ‘not so new members’ and by March 2015, it had transformed itself into the ‘Members Network’ – open to all interested members regardless of membership status!