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Volunteer opportunities

Toronto Branch is entirely staffed by volunteers. We rely on our members to volunteer their time and effort to organize and promote Branch meetings and workshops, maintain the Branch website and social media communications, respond to queries, contribute to and produce our newsletter Toronto Tree, develop and sell Branch publications, coordinate and work on our special projects, serve on the Branch Executive Committee, and much more… Without our volunteers, we simply would not exist.

Why volunteer with Toronto Branch?

Some of the many rewards of volunteering include:

  • the ability  to use your individual skills and experience to benefit others
  • the satisfaction of being able to contribute to and expand Toronto research resources
  • a closer connection with Branch operations and the opportunity to assist in steering future Branch initiatives
  • a more in-depth understanding and appreciation of Toronto records and repositories
  • the opportunity to share ideas, breakthroughs and brick walls with fellow family historians

Current volunteer opportunities

How can you help? Toronto Branch is always in need of volunteers to help with transcription and indexing work – to find out what we’re working on at the moment and how you can contribute, visit our Projects page. In addition, we are currently seeking members who would like to take on the following tasks:

Publication Sales Coordinator

The overall goal of this position is to market, sell and manage the inventory of Toronto Branch publications, including Places of Worship and Cemetery indexes, as well as a limited number of third-party publications.

Duties include:           

1. Maintenance of an up-to-date inventory of all publications, both in print and online.

2. Monitoring the sale of our publications on the OGS e-store.

 3. Completion of orders for publications made through our website, in a timely fashion.

4. Occasional sales of publications at selected events.

5. Maintenance of an accurate and complete accounting of sales and expenses for Publication Sales.

Other considerations:

This position requires an average of 2 hours of work monthly and would best suit someone living in the GTA.

Special Interest Group Coordinator

The overall goal of this newly-created position is to provide support for the formation and maintenance of Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

Duties include:

1. Establishment and maintenance of listings of members with specific research interests.

2. Development of a list of resources for SIGs (for example, venue options)

3. Facilitation of communication between members with shared research interests (for example, host a meeting for a prospective group).

4. Further development of guidelines for success for groups.

5. Recruitment of group facilitators as necessary.

6. Serving as the liaison between established groups and the Executive Committee.

7. Reporting to the membership about SIGs and their success stories.

Other considerations:

Once established, this position is estimated to require one to two days of work monthly. It would best suit someone living in the GTA.

If you think you might be able to take on one of the positions listed above that does not have specific contact information, or if you are interested in volunteering for Toronto Branch but in another capacity, please email our Volunteer Coordinator. We’ll do our best to match you to a job that suits your skills, interests, location and schedule!