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Conference “Carrots”

If you aren’t one of the more than six hundred people who have already signed up to attend OGS Conference 2016, “Genealogy on the Cutting Edge“, coming to Toronto in June, this may prompt you to take the plunge!

The Conference 2016 team has just announced that anyone who registers by May 15 will be eligible for a special package of genealogy goodies courtesy of the event’s generous sponsors. The details are still under wraps (who doesn’t love a genealogy surprise?), but we understand this is a giveaway that will appeal to any family history enthusiast. In other words, it’s not just a carrot… it’s a whole bunch. You can register online or by mail. Visit the Conference 2016 website to get started.

Oh, and don’t worry—if you were one of the wise early-bird registrants, your name is already on the list for the special giveaway package.

Good luck!

bunch of carrots