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Finding Your Australian Cousins

June 16, 2014 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
1 Strathearn Road
York, ON M6C 1R3
Toronto Branch OGS
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This special event is an opportunity to hear a lecture by Geoffrey Doherty, an Australian social historian, on “Finding Your Australian Cousins – A Guide to Online Resources”. The lecture will be preceded by a buffet dinner that will provide the opportunity to speak with Geoffrey informally.

The lecture and dinner are being made available exclusively to Toronto Branch members. Due to the event location, registration numbers are limited. REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED.

Not all your ancestors’ brothers and sisters came to Canada and the US. Some went to places like Australia.  Some went there because they wanted to but many went unwillingly as Convicts. Most people who travelled to Australia stayed there and had many descendants. Geoffrey Doherty’s lecture will highlight online Australian sources at both National and State level that can help you to find your missing ‘Cousins’.

Geoffrey Doherty

Geoffrey Doherty

Geoffrey is from Brisbane where he is a retired, mature-age student now in the process of completing a PhD. As a social historian, Geoffrey is interested in not only the significant dates attached to a person’s life but also the whys and wherefores that made them take the actions and decisions they did. His interests mainly centre on Military, Family and Convict social history. Geoffrey is a member of the Australian Historical Association, the Professional Historians Association Queensland and the Genealogical Society of Queensland.


Due to the event location, we cannot guarantee full accessibility. For information on our policies on accessibility, visit our policies page.


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