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Becoming a Genealogy N.I.N.J.A.

January 25, 2021 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Free. Visitors welcome. See registration link below.
Becoming a Genealogy N.I.N.J.A. @ WEBINAR | Toronto | Ontario | Canada
All genealogists have hit a brick wall at one point or another. For the new researcher this can be a painful and frustrating experience. Using sound genealogical research methodology is the first step in overcoming brick walls.
The lecture will introduce learners to the NINJA approach to doing genealogical research. NINJA is an acronym that stands for Needs, Investigation, Notation, Justification, and Assessment. This approach represents a fresh look at the Genealogical Proof Standard that is designed specifically to assist beginner and intermediate researchers with overcoming brick wall problems in their research faster than guess work or haphazard research. We’ll look at real-world examples to demonstrate how the presenter used the NINJA method to overcome brick walls in his own research.

Speaker: Daniel Earl is essentially a family man. His interest in genealogy was sparked at age 10 when he visited the grave of his great-grandfather with his own father which has led to a 25-year journey in family history. He has since taken his own five children to that same spot in hopes of inspiring interest in their own ancestors. He has a Masters degree in psychology and teaches at the collegiate level. He is a member of the Mid-Michigan Genealogical Society, President of the Michigan Chapter of the Hungarian Genealogical Society, helped found the Clinton County Michigan Genealogy group, and he is a member of the Genealogical Speakers Guild. 

After Daniel’s presentation, we’ll be moving into virtual “break-out rooms”. This will be an opportunity for you to connect and chat about family history with your fellow attendees in an informal small-group setting.

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