Wellesley Public School: The old school bell remains

Wellesley Public School, closed in 1956, lingers in the memory of former students, who have responded to our blog post (Vanished School and Vanished Times-March 17, 2013).

When the students moved to Church Street School, Wellesley’s bell went with them. Its ringing days long past, the bell sits in a glass case, with a plaque that reads:

Bell erected 1874 / at / Wellesley Street Public School / N.E. corner Wellesley & Bay Sts. / Removed from old building / to this location 1957.

Mounted on the wall above the display case is the ceremonial shovel used by M.D. Morton, chairman of the Toronto Board of Education, to turn the sod for the new Church Street School.

Metal bell inside a glass cube.
The bell in its glass case at Church Street School. ©Toronto Branch OGS

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