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Toronto Branch workshops are full-day affairs, where you’ll have the opportunity to attend a number of sessions by several speakers. Workshops focus on one geographic region, subject area, or type of research.

Workshops are big events, usually with 100 or more participants, held on Saturdays. There are lots of opportunities to ask questions and share information with the group. Many workshops feature one or two “big name” speakers who are renowned for their expertise—some from the British Isles, the United States, or other parts of Canada—but some of the best speakers are members of Toronto Branch.

Each year Toronto Branch’s education committee plans one or two workshops and invites proposals for presentations. The selection committee puts together a program to appeal to researchers with a variety of skill levels and interests.

Our workshops are popular! We recommend that you register early. It is quick and easy with our online system. You can pay with your credit card, PayPal account, or print the form and send us a cheque. (Just follow the links for each workshop.)

Members of Toronto Branch OGS are first in line to hear about educational events, and they benefit from a lower registration fee. We’d love to have you join us! 


Spring 2018

  • Advanced Genetic Genealogy Lectures: Blaine Bettinger, “The Genetic Genealogist”, Friday April 6th, 2018. Registration is now open.
  • Art of Genetic Genealogy Investigation with Blaine Bettinger
    Saturday April 7th, 2018. Registration is now open.

Fall 2018

  • English Family History (late October 2018)



Workshops on a wide variety of topics have been presented during the past 10 years.

Kanata to Canada: A Journey Through Time (18 November 2017)
Researching Scottish Family History from the GTA: New Directions (28 October 2017)
Quebec Family History (16 April 2016)
Finding Your Irish and Scots-Irish Roots: Ulster Historical Foundation Tour (5 March 2016)
Atlantic Canada (17 October 2015)
Irish Genealogy: Focus on Ulster (19 September 2015)
Genetic Genealogy (6 June 2015)
Finding Your Upper Canada Ancestors (11 April 2015)
Industrial England (1 November 2014)
Scotland and its People (12 April 2014)
Tracing Forward: Searching for Relatives in Recent Times (26 October 2013)
Digging for Gold in Toronto Libraries and Archives (4 May 2013)
Irish Family History (17 November 2012)
Finding Your Great War Ancestors (31 March 2012)
English Family History (5 November 2011)
Finding Ontario Ancestors (6 August 2011)
Scottish Family History (18 June 2011)
The Women in Our Past: Strategies and Resources for Researching Female Ancestors (6 November 2010)
Disease and Distress! (28 November 2009)
Exploring Irish Ancestry: Current Research and Techniques (8 August 2009)
Genealogy in London (8 November 2008)
African Roots in Canada (9 August 2008)
Dutch Family History Research (11 August 2007)
Genealogy in Toronto: Researching Local and Distant Ancestors in Toronto (24 February 2007)