How the Ontario Genealogical Society's Toronto Branch is making records more accessible—and how you can help


Toronto Branch OGS is pleased to be able to collaborate with Fred Blair, creator of the website War of 1812 Canadian Stories, in presenting the profiles of those men who volunteered for the 3rd York Militia in the War of 1812.

At the time of the War of 1812, York County was much larger in size and extended along the lakeshore from present day Whitby to Hamilton and Burlington. The York Militia had been divided into three separate regiments. The 3rd York mustered from the Townships of Whitby, Pickering, and Scarborough in the east, the Town of York and York Township, and the Township of Etobicoke in the west. The 1st York mustered from the townships to the north and the 2nd York mustered from the townships to the west.

Fred Blair’s work on the men of 3rd York Militia has been to: index the known militia rolls; transcribe these rolls into a digital format so that they could be easily searched; the preparation of an alphabetical muster roll of all the known veterans in the regiment; the compilation of all the service records for each name in the alphabetical roll to form a service record for each veteran; the addition of information from other War of 1812 documents to each veteran’s service record and the carrying out of research into the family history of many veterans.

Were your ancestors in a battle? The 3rd York Militia engagements were:

  • August 1812, the Capture of Fort Detroit, Cameron’s and Heward’s Co.
  • October 13, 1812, Queenston, Cameron’s and Heward’s Co. under Lieutenant Robinson
  • April 27, 1813, American Capture of York

Some veterans were at other engagements with other regiments or corps.

The results to date of Fred Blair’s work on the 3rd York Militia War of 1812 Veterans can now be viewed as [Alphabetical Profiles with Service Records.]

Would you like to be a part of this project? We can always use more volunteers and since the work is done online, you don’t have to be in Toronto. Please contact the project coordinator for more information.