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Mount Pleasant Cemetery—a little history

Globe, November 6, 1876, page 4, column 4.
Globe, November 6, 1876, page 4, column 4.

As we approach turn-of-the-century records at Mount Pleasant Cemetery, I thought you might be interested in a little of the cemetery’s history.

Mount Pleasant’s official opening was on Saturday, November 6, 1876—133 years ago, almost to the day. This article appeared in the Globe newspaper on the following Monday (page 4, column 4).

This online article by Toronto historian and journalist Mike Filey on the Mount Pleasant Group’s site, tells the story of Mount Pleasant and its predecessors Toronto General Burying Grounds and the Toronto Necropolis.

Today, Mount Pleasant is a splendid green space in mid-town Toronto, an arboretum of native and exotic species, and home to an sometimes surprising array of urban wildlife. It connects to Toronto’s network of ravine trails and is very popular spot to stroll, run, rollerblade, etc.

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