Moving eastward to the Toronto Necropolis!

Necropolis entrance

Necropolis entrance and chapel (courtesy David Reed)

We’re making great progress on the York General Burying Ground, and we’ll soon be moving on to the Toronto Necropolis records. We’ll be moving east to the edge of the Don River valley, and forward in time—with a bit of an overlap with the York General Burying Ground. I’m sure we’ll recognize lots of families.

When you download your first batch of the Necropolis, you’ll want to reorganize the indexing fields to make the job easier. Here are the instructions:

When you have the indexing page open, you’ll see a “View” menu at the top left. Choose “Organize fields” and you can easily hide the fields you don’t need for the Necropolis, and drag the others into the correct order using the arrows between the columns. Just highlight the field name on the left, and use the second arrow button to move it to the box on the right, or use the third and fourth buttons to shuffle it up or down.

Here’s a screen shot of what the “Organize fields” should look like for the Necropolis.

Necropolis fields

"Organize Fields" settings for the Toronto Necropolis