How the Ontario Genealogical Society's Toronto Branch is making records more accessible—and how you can help

Toronto Necropolis in February

Toronto Necropolis © Jane E. MacNamara

As we sit comfortably in front of our home computers indexing the burial registers of the Toronto Necropolis, I thought you might like to see what the actual cemetery looked like on a rainy February 27, 2010. The photos also help to explain the reason for all the complicated burial location descriptions like “gore next to”.

In the first two months of 2010, we have indexed well over 10,000 names. But there are many, many more to go!

Guarded by Necropolis lions © Jane E. MacNamara

If you’d like to help, we’d be very glad of your assistance. Please see the Toronto Trust Indexing page to find out how to sign up.