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On to Mount Pleasant Cemetery!

Our diligent crew of indexers are finishing off the registers of the Toronto Necropolis and moving on to the Mount Pleasant Cemetery. We’ll be seeing digital images from a microfilm that covers 1903 to 1933. (We did the earlier years at the beginning of the project.)

For those readers not familiar with the project, our partners at FamilySearch Indexing make the images and the indexing software available online. We do the indexing on our own home computers and the data is uploaded to FamilySearch. When the project is complete, the index and the images will be available online and free of charge. We have indexers all across Canada as well as in England and the US. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection. Read more about the Toronto Trust Cemeteries project.

Together, we have indexed more than 25,000 names in the first months of 2011.

The new Mount Pleasant registers look very much like the Necropolis registers we’ve been working on for the last couple of months. You could hide the “Nearest Relation” fields for now, but you will need them again in a few weeks. Here are instructions.

You’ll also find some history about Mount Pleasant on the blog. It is a very beautiful place, full of magnificent old trees and rare species. As the weather improves, I’ll be sure to post some photos.

Spring is only a week away. Can’t come soon enough!

Satellite image of Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

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