Congratulations 2011 project volunteers!

I thought you’d like to hear that we managed to index 81,624 names in 2011. That’s an amazing 75 percent more than 2010! Thank you all for your contributions to this total.

Forty-three volunteers participated in the Toronto Trust project in 2011. As I’ve said before, there’s no quota and every page you index is valuable, but I think you agree that these eight volunteers—Verna, William, Marg H., Heather, Marg K., Joyce, Vera, and Barry—who each indexed (and in some cases arbitrated) more than 5,000 names deserve some special kudos!

Our 2011 total is added to the 2010 figure of 46,658 names and 2009’s 32,000 names. (Isn’t it great to see the numbers increasing each year?)

We’ve finished indexing the York General Burying Ground and the Toronto Necropolis records, and are well into Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Arbitrators are completing the Necropolis, and there’s still lots of both indexing and arbitration to do on Mount Pleasant Cemetery and Prospect Cemetery.

It was very exciting to see the first fruits of our labours available on in June. It is just a fraction of what we have done, and what is waiting for us.

Please consider working some indexing into your daily schedule in 2011. The system lets you set targets for yourself, but even without a target, there’s something very satisfying about watching that little total mount up as you complete a page!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need help with passwords or other instructions—or a second opinion on that careless clerk’s handwriting!

Happy New Year to all.

Jane MacNamara

I think Thomas Carfrae, one of the founders in 1825 of what became the Toronto Trust Cemeteries, would be pleased to see his family members recalled on

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