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First phase of transcription approaches finish line

by Michael Nettleton, House of Industry Project Coordinator

Toronto Branch volunteers will soon complete the first phase of transcribing the manuscript records of Toronto’s House of Industry.

In the first phase, Branch volunteers have been transcribing six volumes of minute books and case recommendations of the House.

Transcriptions from five of the volumes of minute books and case recommendations are now available online through the Internet Archive web library. The final remaining transcriptions from the sixth volume (1879–1882) are close to completion.

Follow the links below to access the completed volumes—for each one, you’ll find high-resolution digital images, a searchable PDF of the transcriptions and supporting notes, and a plain text file of the transcribed content:

The House of Industry Project volunteers are also compiling an enhanced name index to the case recommendations.

Screen shot from
Click on a Minute Book link in the article above to find a page that looks a bit like this. Then scroll down to find the searchable transcriptions (in two file formats) listed under the digitized image. Each page of the transcription links back to the manuscript page image, so you can confirm the information from the original handwriting.

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