Using the “Relationship” columns to record the missing name of a relative of the deceased

In the case of an un-named infant or child, or the occasional “wife of”, the rule is to mark the “deceased’s given name” blank with ctrl+b and to use the surname of the relative mentioned.

The Mount Pleasant indexing fields offer no obvious way to record the forename of the relative. Here’s the solution:

NEW: Use the “Relationship: Given Name” and “Relationship: Surname” fields to record the relative’s name. For example, in “Infant son of Nathaniel Fox”, record “Nathaniel” in “Relationship: Given Name” and “Fox” in Relationship: Surname”.

If you have hidden the unused fields for Mount Pleasant Cemetery as I suggested in a previous post, you will need to show them again when you come across an entry like the above. (Go to the View menu, and select “Organize Fields”.)

You will only need these field occasionally, so hide them again.

Alternatively, you could move the “relationship fields” to the end of the indexing fields so they’re handy if you need them—but you won’t inadvertently enter data.