January’s Indexing Efforts

Our Toronto Trust Cemeteries project volunteers pushed well past the target of 6,000 records for the month to index more than 7,500 records in January. Each of those 7,500 records—all for Mount Pleasant Cemetery—represent two or three names: the deceased, the plot owner, and the next of kin. What an amazing boost this will be for genealogists with ancestors in Toronto!

As we work chronologically through the records, we’re also seeing Toronto grow and develop. In the records we’re working on now, street addresses are included. We’re also seeing the rise of elegantly named apartment residences. Indexer Gwyneth Pearce has discovered some interesting information about one of them.

After a bit of a struggle, Gwyneth deciphered the nearest relation address for an entry as “St George Mansions Cor Harbord & St George St”. She writes, “Looking this up, I found out that this has been described as Toronto’s ‘first official apartment building’. See this Citytv News story,  and p. 13 of this paper from the University of Toronto’s Cities Centre. I think it’s the building on the right at the back of this City of Toronto Archives photo.”

The index we’re creating will provide opportunities for historical research well beyond genealogy. I can’t wait to see what happens.