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Municipal Records

Assessment Rolls

The most important municipal records for genealogical research are tax assessment rolls. Depending on the time period, the rolls may list landowners, occupiers, and other adults in the household, with addresses, occupations, ages and other data about the buildings and occupants. Because they were created each year, you may be able track changes in family circumstances. Bear in mind that the rolls were created the year before they were to be used. Click here for much more information and links to digitized assessment rolls.

Council Minutes

The local council was the level of government closest to our ancestors and the one where they were most likely to participate in or interact with. They might be elected as a member of council, or be appointed for tasks like pound keeper or fence viewer. They may have petitioned the council to open a road or fix a bridge, or been paid by council to do that work. Council could issue tavern and shop licenses, settle disputes, look after a foundling child, assist the sick or indigent, and even pay for a burial. Council minutes are full of names! Click here for much more information and links to digitized council minutes.