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Park Lots 1 & 2

The River Don to Parliament Street

Park Lot 1: Don River to Sackville Street. Granted to Edward Baker Littlehales, 4 September 1793.

Park Lot 2: Sackville Street to Parliament Street. Granted to William Jarvis, 4 September 1793.

The remainder of the land east of Park Lot 1 to the Don River was, on paper, part of the 200-acre Township Lot 16. The rest of Township Lot 16 lay east of the river. Much of Township Lot 16 was either steep ravine or flood plain. The portions west of the Don River were granted with Park Lot 1.

On June 18, 1795, Park Lots 1 and 2 (and contiguous parts of Township Lot 16) were divided in half at about today’s Carlton Street.

The north half of both lots (200 acres)  was granted to Francis Graves Simcoe, the young son of Lieutenant-Governor John Graves Simcoe, and the Patent was issued on August 8, 1795.

On 21 October 1833, Henry A. Simcoe of Wolford Lodge, Devon, England, clerk, sold the property to John Scadding, Jr. (son of the Simcoe’s late farm manager, John Scadding, Sr.).

John Jr. retained part of the land, but on 10 October 1834, he sold the northern 100 acres to his brother Charles Scadding of  Newmarket for £600. John Jr. sold another eastern portion to his brother Henry Scadding.

The south half of both lots was designated as Government Reserve, along with the land south of Lot Street (today’s Queen Street) to the harbour.