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Park Lot 26

Fennings Street & Delaware Avenue to Lisgar Street

Designated 4 September 1793 for the Solicitor General (not yet appointed). The York Report attaches only the title Solicitor General to Park Lot 26.

In 1798, Park Lot 26 was divided into a north half and south half.

The south half was granted to William Chewett, 7 March 1798, and patented 31 December 1798. Chewett and his wife Isabella sold the property in July 1816 to John Denison. In 1824, after John Denison’s death, the property passed to his widow Sophia Denison.

The north half of Park Lot 26 was granted to Alexander McNabb, 5 April 1798, and patented 31 December 1798.

On 8 October 1803, Alexander McNabb sold his 50 acres (the north half of Park Lot 26) to William Crooks of Niagara, Gentleman.

On 4 May 1833, William Crooks and his wife Mary sold the property to George Taylor Denison.