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Park Lot 4

Ontario Street to Sherbourne Street

Granted to John White, 4 September 1793, and patented 10 February 1797. On 23 April 1799, John’s wife Marianne White released her dower rights to Park Lot 4, which would allow her husband to transfer or mortgage the land without her permission.

John White’s will, written and registered in 1800 with Peter Russell as executor, left Park Lot 4 to John’s son Charles Samuel White. On 19 January 1818, Charles S. White, by his attorney John Beverley Robinson, sold Park Lot 4 to Samuel Ridout of the Town of York.

On 25 January 1820, Samuel Ridout and his wife Eliza sold the west third of Park Lot 4 to Andrew Mercer. Mercer, in turn, sold the land on 17 September 1824 to Thomas Gibbs Ridout.

On 25 January 1820, Samuel Ridout and Eliza sold the east half of Park Lot 4 to Edward McMahon of the Township of York.

Samuel Ridout retained the centre portion of Park Lot 4, transferring it to his son Samuel George Ridout on 17 September 1838.

Points of Interest

  • the 1827 Bank of Upper Canada Building at 252 Adelaide Street East
  • the 1830 Toronto’s First Post Office museum at 260 Adelaide Street East
  • Sherbourne Street, named for Thomas Ridout’s birthplace in England
  • Bleeker Street was part of the subdivision by the heirs of Samuel G. Ridout