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Places of Worship

Places of Worship Records Inventory

This in an ongoing project in which all branches of the Ontario Genealogical Society have participated. Toronto Branch’s Inventory attempts to list all Places of Worship of any denomination that exist or have existed in Toronto (today’s boundaries) up to about 1925—quite a challenge in the most populous part of Ontario. The Inventory also lists surviving records and their locations.

Spire of the Cathedral Church of St. James, Toronto

Toronto Branch volunteers have transcribed the baptimal, marriage, and burial registers of the Cathedral Church of St. James, Toronto

Finding Aid Publications

Several publications about the history and organization of denominations and their records have been developed from the extensive research that has been undertaken as part of the Inventory project. Because our ancestors and their clergy often worshipped or covered circuits beyond the boundaries of Toronto, these important guides may cover a larger area, too. They are available at libraries in the Toronto area or for purchase as publications.


Many of the records of birth or baptism, marriage, and death or burial identified by the Places of Worship Records Inventory have also been transcribed and indexed and are available as publications and/or in the Electronic Search.