An organization of family historians, some with Toronto roots, others who live in Toronto, we have ancestors around the world.


Toronto Branch OGS does not have a staffed office. To find out more about our services, please contact us by mail or e-mail. We also encourage you to visit the Toronto Branch library collection, which has been merged with the OGS library and is now housed in the Humanities and Social Sciences Department at the Toronto Reference Library.

Mailing Address:
Toronto Branch OGS
49 Bogert Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, Canada  M2N 1K4

General Email Address:

Voice-mail: 1-855-697-6687 (toll-free) + extension 331

Some Individual Contacts:

Chair: Carol Ufford

Secretary: Heather Somers

Accessibility Facilitator

Cemeteries Committee

Education Committee

Research Services

Membership Coordinator

Newsletter Editor



Special Interest Groups


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