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This recording of the ten Great Moments presentations at our November 22 meeting will be available until about January 24, 2022. To activate closed captions, please click on the CC.

Watch the whole series of ten terrific presentations or pick and choose. Move the slider at lower edge of the video to select the start time and zip right to a specific presentation.

2:45 Paul Jones: You Can’t Just Ignore Something Like That!—Architect Eden Smith was the subject of this year’s Toronto History Lecture. What did Paul find when he researched Eden’s birth record?

13:50 Dawn Kelly: Edward Francis Kelly and the Champagne of Ginger Ales—Dawn used a variety of records to trace the ups and downs of her great grandfather’s beverage business, from Renfrew to Montreal and beyond.

24:13 Greg Marlatt: Four Sisters of Cork—The migration of the Bennett sisters Mary, Elizabeth, Ann and Amelia from Ireland to Ontario in 1847. Greg combines DNA and traditional research to connect the family members.

34:35 Diana Thomson: Cooke Family Revelations—The Cooke family had a great impact on the Yorkshire village of Arksey. Diana discovers stories of good works and tragic ends back to the time of Henry VIII.

44:35 Melanie Parker: Thomas Urquhart, Former Mayor of Toronto—Melanie traces the history of Toronto Mayor Thomas Urquhart, his two wives (Margaret McDonald and Mary Ellen Hall) and his home on Hillsdale Avenue.

53:56 Beth Adams: A Colossal Collection of Coincidences—Beth uses DNA, her genealogical expertise and a trail of coincidences to help a friend’s daughter discover her father and his family.

1:05:31 Ann Brown: Francis Robert Aloysius Conway—A message on Ancestry from an Irish cousin led to valuable information on Ann’s Tyrone County relatives, a family she thought she would never know.

1:16:25 Debbie Hewitt: A Remarkable Story Connecting 5 Generations of my Maternal Line—Thanks to Toronto Branch and the resources available Debbie was able to add context and meaning to her mother’s tree.

1:22:58 Linda Reid: Proving and Disproving Family Stories—Part of the fun of genealogy is proving family stories. Linda uses a combination of documentary evidence and DNA to examine three Revie family stories.

1:31:30 Janice Nickerson: The Most Respectable Ladies in this Land—Why did the Janice’s 4x great-grandmothers live together? Timelines and maps revealed the true story of their relationship.

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