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Special Interest Groups

Many Toronto Branch members share some very specific research interests. We actively encourage the formation of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) within Toronto Branch and provide support to these informal groups wherever feasible. Participants run the SIGs, meeting as mutually agreed. Belonging to a SIG can help you tap into the experience of others and collaborate on research, forging friendships in the process.

Members: Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about an existing Special Interest Group or if you have an idea for a new one.

Current Toronto Branch SIGs:

  • Genetic Genealogy SIG facilitated by Georgie Kennedy
    SIG members are enhancing their knowledge of available DNA tests and research strategies. We study how to interpret and apply the data, learning from the experiences of each other with group participation from local experts to those starting the testing process.
  • Advanced Genetic Genealogy SIG facilitated by Helen Billing
    The Advanced Genetic Genealogy Special Interest Group (AGGSIG) is an enthusiastic group of Toronto Branch members who are actively involved in genetic genealogy research. We meet regularly to provide mutual support in using evolving analytic tools to examine DNA test results and we share techniques for comparing test data and determining genetic connections. Our individual research may involve careful examination and expansion of a family tree to identify strategic people to approach for DNA testing. All members of the AGGSIG are requested to contribute to meeting programs and to the successful operation of the group. Our members are happy to assist Toronto Branch members who are new to, or confused by, genetic testing, through individual coaching or participation in Branch workshops, courses or other programs.
  • Scottish SIG facilitated by Marian Press
    The Scottish SIG is comprised of members with a passion to explore Scottish family history. Many members have extensive experience with Scottish records, some gained in research travels to Scotland. We enjoy our member presentations, discussion and social interaction, learning from each other.
  • Irish SIG facilitated by Dawn Kelly
    This group is designed for Toronto Branch OGS members with an interest in Irish genealogy who want to discuss their research and help each other break down brick walls. The Irish SIG provides an environment where novices can learn about where and how to look in Irish records and members with higher levels of experience can share their knowledge and further their own research through discussions with others in the group. The group meets approximately six times a year.